Hog River Press I, 2 (Fall, 2024)
Call Opens: June1, 2024

Call Closes: June 30, 2024


We welcome submissions from poets writing in English anywhere in the world. We read your work anonymously and publish established, upcoming, and previously unpublished writers.


The Hog River Press aims to create conversations between poets and poems. For future issues, preference will be given to poems that speak to works previously published in our journal. But our main goal will always be to publish wonderful poetry, so send us your best work, even if it’s stand-alone.

To submit:

​We’re a small operation. We try to accept or reject work within a month of receiving it, but bear with us if it takes a little longer. We cannot provide individual feedback on poems, but may suggest minor edits to work under consideration for publication.


Finally, thank you so much for considering us. We understand the power of words, and we promise to listen to yours.